"to protect and to swat"
.... with Yard Sprays and Misting Systems
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  1. Mosquito Detective protected our family. Now we don't have to worry about going outside and getting bitten. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ken L. NRH
  2. The all natural ingredients of the repellent was very important to me. It repels the mosquitoes but doesn't kill the bees, ladybugs or butterflies. Being a professor of environmental science it was critical the product was safe for my pets and the environment. Becky J. Ft. Worth
  3. My misting system from Mosquito Detective works great and gives me the freedom to enjoy my backyard again !! I love it !!! Rick W. Grand Prairie Texas
  4. The mosquito mister is the best investment I have ever made. I hit the remote to start the mister in the morning then again in the evening. I had it installed early Summer of 2015 & haven't seen a mosquito since. With the mild winter this year, I expect I'll use it all Spring & Summer of 2016. We are protected against mosquito born diseases & are able to enjoy the outdoor life we love. Rhonda P Ft. Worth