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In the beginning, it was "00" Dave

In 1986, I was working for Xerox Corporation.  They were moving manufacturing to California and if you didn't want to move, you got laid off.  I didn't want to move.  So, what's a good looking young man of 26 supposed to do?   Well, I went to a continuing education class called, "How to be a Private Investigator".  It was an introduction on what it's like to be a P.I. and what kind of jobs there were.  I was HOOKED.  
While I had no experience as an investigator I was determined to work in that field.  I revemped my resume and began calling ALL the Investigator and Detective agencies in the Dallas and Fort Worth Yellow pages.  (remember, before the internet?)  I would ask, "do you hire without experience?"  Most of the time it was, "no.".  But some of them said "it depends."  That was all I needed.  I got directions, used my "MAPSCO" (remember, before GPS) and drove to their offices and filled out an application.
Well, at this one place over in Dallas there was this cute looking secretary.  The offices were very professional, not like some of the smoke filled cramped ones I had visited before.  So, I flirted with her and left my application.  After a couple of weeks, I visited again, mostly to flirt but really for a job.  On the third visit, it worked.  She went into the owners office (whom she'd been guarding) and said, "this guy keeps showing up, you might want to talk to him", and I got a brief interview but not a job.......yet.
Follow my Blog to see what happened and to hear about my 19 year career covering, Murder, missing children, divorce, corporate fraud and imbezzlement, undercover assignments, over 1,000surveillances,  interrogations,  work in 38 states and LOTS of crazy stories.   Were you one of them?