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.... with Yard Sprays and Misting Systems
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Mosquito Detective uses Mosquito Steve Products EXCLUSIVELY.  
Mosquito Steve Products are all natural and proven to be more effective than the toxic ones.  How do we know?  Well, Steve has performed hundreds of human landing rate counts in order to perfect his products and compare them to others.  
They test their products in the real world because that is where you live.  Other products fall into the 75-80% range.  Mosquito Steve products fall under much greater scrutiny.  If their products perform less than 90% they throw them out and start over again.  They partnered with GENVIRO to create and develop products that are safe but effective.  The founder of Genviro, Dr. Essam Enan has 40 years of experience in the pesticide chemistry and insect control industry.  Dr. Enan also has 20 years of experience specifically studying and using plant essential oils for insect control.  He has been called world-renowned and "the father of how essential oils kill insects."  Dr. Enan is the author of over 50 patents (Yes FIFTY) and has published over 100 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.  B A M !!   We KNOW and trust these people.  This isn't some giant chemical conglomerate making poisions in who knows what lab.  They are people that are passionate about finding safe, natural solutions for the environment that WORK.
Mosquito Steve was the first in Dallas to install mosquito misting systems.  He has been developing products since 2002.  Since 2007 he has been committed to natural products.  A significant part of the field trials were devoted to developing a method for covering an entire backyard for less money than the typical misting system.  He discovered that three nozzles at a certain height, a certain amount of pressure and a certain amount of time could cover as much as 4,000 SF.   Our misting system utilizes this technology to be able to protect yards BETTER than the average system at a fraction of the cost.
Yard Spray + Misting + Spray on = 100% efficacy and we have all 3!
Yard Sprays take away the landing and hiding places of the mosquitos.  That forces them into the air looking for YOUR blood.  So the misting system gives them no choice but to go bite your neighbors.  For the lone, stray, once in a blue moon, 1% mosquito that makes it past all that, the spray on repellant, keeps them away.  Without the spray on you're still 99% mosquito free with Yard Spray and misting. 

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