"to protect and to swat"
.... with Yard Sprays and Misting Systems
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What We Do
Safe, Natural, Effective Mosquito Control
Feel like you've been wronged?  Call the Mosquito Detective.   Have flying, blood sucking skeeters taken your yard?  Call Mosquito Detective.  Do you want to feel safe?  Call Mosquito Detective.  Looking for help?  Call Mosquito Detective. Want a safe, natural, kid, pet and environmentaly friendly solution?  Call Mosquito Detective.
Have others failed and your case has gone cold?   CALL MOSQUITO DETECTIVE!
Our Services
Let us fight the Mosquito Crime while you enjoy your Backyard
  1. Yard Sprays
    Our Yard Sprays give you 85-90% increase in protection compared to doing nothing. Some customers only do yard spray. We recommend Yard sprays combined with a misting system for the CLOSEST solution on the market to 100% coverage.
  2. Affordable Misting Systems
    Our misting systems are the most affordable on the market! Starting at less than $1,500. Misting combined with regular yard sprays are the closest you can get to 100% protection.
  3. Special Events
    Having a Wedding or Celebration? Backyard Party? Outdoor activity? Cornhole tournament? Call us for a one time spray to give you and your guests relief from the annoying little pests.
At Mosquito Detective we DO NOT kill mosquitos.  We repell them, very successfully.  While almost all other companies use pyrethrum based insecticides that kill mosquitos (along with Bees, Lady Bugs and Butterflys) our Safe, natural solution does NOT.  We are the exclusive Ft. Worth, HEB, Arlington distributor of the highly effective product and misting systems invented by Mosquito Steve.